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Tax Preparation

Get the most out of your tax returns. When it comes to tax preparation trust the experts at Eriksen Tax Service, LLC. When you visit our office, you can have peace of mind knowing that you are getting help from real people and that the products and tax services you need, you get.

Our extensive knowledge of income tax preparation is just the start of what sets us apart. Eriksen Tax Service, LLC prides itself on a wide selection of products and great service. This comprehensive approach is what has allowed us to earn people’s trust so that they come back year in and year out. To get the most out of your tax returns, contact us today!

Tax Service

We are the local leaders in tax preparation as we provide the community of Springdale comprehensive tax services. We offer all the filling options you want and need. This way you can have more ways to get your maximum tax refund. Eriksen Tax Services, LLC is the difference between getting taxes done and getting taxes won.

Our talented staff has the knowledge and experience to make your tax preparation this year pain-free. We will make sure to tailor our tax services to best fit your needs. When it comes to refunds, we will make sure to do everything possible so that you get the most money back. See the difference in your refund today with a visit to Eriksen Tax Services, LLC.

Tax Assistance

You are looking for an expert to help you with your income tax return, you’ve come to the right place. Each of the tax professionals here at Eriksen Tax Services, LLC is trained and certified to accurately prepare your taxes. When you visit us, you will be able to have peace of mind knowing that you’re getting the all the assistance and attention.

Whether you are looking for tax assistance in completing your federal and/or state income tax returns, we are here to help. Our decades of knowledge and expertise will ensure that your experience is a smooth one and that your refund is as large as possible. Don’t stress about taxes again! Pay a visit to Eriksen Tax Services, LLC today.

IRS Reconciliations

You might qualify for tax or IRS reconciliations if one of the following situations applies to you. First, you may have a discrepancy between the reported tax charge or credit in your financial statements. Second, you may have a discrepancy between the standard rate of corporate tax that was applied to your reported accounting profit or loss.

If these situations apply to you, contact Eriksen Tax Services, LLC. Our knowledgeable and experienced tax professionals will make sure you get the reconciliations you deserve. Don’t overpay on your taxes ever again! Let our tax experts guarantee your peace of mind with a smooth tax season and maximum refund.

State Income Tax

State income tax is a percentage of money that you pay every year to the government. The amount that you pay is based on how much money you earn at your job. When it comes to paying your state income tax this spring don’t risk paying more than your fair share. The tax professionals at Eriksen Tax Services LLC will make sure that you don’t.

Don’t worry about that pesky state income tax again. Our friendly and knowledgeable team will handle all aspects of your tax preparations for you ranging from your adjustments to formally filing the paperwork. We will even see if you are eligible for state-specific deductions. Make tax season a breeze. Contact Eriksen Tax Services, LLC today.